Flood Level Searches Flood Level Searches

To obtain the specific flood level for your property, you will need to apply to Council for a Flood Level Search, which involves payment of a fee. The outcome of a Flood Level Search is the Designated Flood Level, which is reported in metres AHD (Australian Height Datum), the nationally adopted standard to which all elevation for mapping is to be referred. As a general guide, 0.0 metres is close to the mean sea level. Flood search results are associated with riverine flooding only, not local flooding. Riverine flooding occurs when excessive rainfall over an extended period of time causes a waterway to exceed its capacity resulting in flood waters spilling over its waterway banks and causing inundation. Local flooding is caused by high intensity and short duration rainfall over a local drainage catchment. If you require a specific flood level for your property, please contact Council on 5540 5111 to request a Flood Level Search or arrange the Flood Level Search request via the below web link.

Flood level Search Request