Scenic Rim Regional Council has adopted a number of Local Laws to help protect the health, environment and public amenity of the region.

Local Laws cover a broad range of issues, from dog control to use of public buildings to licensing. The Local Laws which are currently in effect in the Scenic Rim Region are available below. Hard copies can also be viewed at Customer Service Centres

Local Law Making Process

Scenic Rim Regional Council has formal processes in place for making or amending Local Laws in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 2009. Council has approved the following Local Law Making Process:
Local Law Making Process
Publication Notice - Waste Management Local Law

Election signage Election signage

Specific regulations apply to the erection of election-related signage in Scenic Rim 

Council's election signage requirements asre designed to ensure that signage is place responsibly in a manner that does not impact upon public health or safety, the environment and the scenic amenity of our region. Additional requirements also apply for State-controlled road reserves. 

Fact sheets explaining these requirements can be accessed below, while Council's election signage application can be downloaded from the Forms page by using the link. 


Subordinate Local Laws Subordinate Local Laws

Subordinate local laws

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Subordinate Local Law 1.10 Operation of Public Swimming Pools 2011.pdf 76.5k
Subordinate Local Law 1.11 Operation of shared facility accommodation 2011.pdf 54.8k
Subordinate Local Law 1.12 Operation of temporary entertainment events 2011.pdf 317.3k
Subordinate Local Law 1.13 Undertaking Regulated Activities Regarding Human Remains 2011.pdf 47.4k
Subordinate Local Law 1.14 Undertaking regulated activities on local government controlled areas and roads 2011.pdf 331.2k
Subordinate Local Law 1.15 Carrying out works on a road or interfering with a road or its operation 2011.pdf 43.3k
Subordinate Local Law 1.1 Alteration or improvement of local government controlled areas and roads 2011.pdf 359.8k
Subordinate Local Law 1.2 Commercial use of local government controlled areas and roads 2011.pdf 78.1k
Subordinate Local Law 1.3 Establishment or occupation of temporary home 2011.pdf 49.1k
Subordinate Local Law 1.4 Installation of advertising devices 2011.pdf 415.0k
Subordinate Local Law 1.5 Keeping of animals 2011.pdf 416.7k
Subordinate Local Law 1.6 Operation of camping grounds 2011.pdf 63.7k
Subordinate Local Law 1.7 Gates and grids 2011.pdf 57.6k
Subordinate Local Law 1.8 Operation of caravan parks 2011.pdf 79.7k
Subordinate Local Law 1.9 Operation of cemeteries 2011.pdf 43.0k
Subordinate Local Law 2 Animal management 2011.pdf 418.0k
Subordinate Local Law 3 Community and enviromental management 2011.pdf 47.7k
Subordinate Local Law 4 Local government controlled areas and roads 2011.pdf 543.1k
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