The Local Government Act 2009 requires Councils to adopt by formal resolution an organisational structure. Council's present structure, depicted below, was adopted on 7 April 2014 and revised on 25 September 2015. The structure provides for four Executive positions (including the Chief Executive Officer) and seven Manager positions to administer the operations of Council, supported by Section Coordinators and Team Leaders.

Scenic Rim Regional Council Organisational Structure


Council's Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the strategic direction and the administration of the organisation. Chief Finance Officer Kelly Stidworthy is currently Acting CEO of Scenic Rim Regional Council, effective 8 November 2017.

Executive Team

The CEO is supported in delivering the strategic and operational objectives of the Council by a team of three executives comprising the Director Infrastructure Services Patrick Murphy, Director Regional Services Tony Magner and Chief Finance Officer Kelly Stidworthy.

Scenic Rim Regional Council executive team (from left) Patrick Murphy, Kelly Stidworthy and Tony Magner with CEO Craig Barke

Council's executive team (from left) Patrick Murphy, Kelly Stidworthy and Tony Magner.