Council provides a range of waste services for local households and businessess throughout the region, including:

  • Garbage and recycling collection within serviced areas
  • Waste disposal sites and facilities
  • Information on minimising waste and recycling

Garbage Collection

Council provides residents within household collection areas with a 240-litre waste bin (serviced weekly) and a separate 240-litre bin with a yellow lid for recycling (serviced fortnightly).

The recyclable materials are transported to a Materials Recovery Facility for sorting. The recycled materials are sent to various enterprises and are manufactured into new products.

Other Collection Services

Council provides a limited variety of other waste recycling services such as:

  • Commercial waste services in wheeled and bulk bins
  • Commerical recycling services in wheeled bins 
  • Street and park bin services

Waste Disposal Facilities

Council operates a network of seven Waste Transfer Stations throughout the region. Residents of the Scenic Rim region can dispose of up to one cubic metre (1m³) of general waste and up to three cubic metres (3m³) of green waste, free of charge. Fees are charged for commercial usage of council's waste disposal facilities. Recyclable items can be placed in designated areas at transfer stations, mostly free of charge. Check out what can be recycled at the Waste Transfer Stations page.



Fees and charges 2018-19

ChemClear Agvet Chemical Collection Program

Council supports the annual ChemClear program for the collection of surplus agricultural and veterinary chemicals. Participation in the program requires registration and only registered chemicals are collected. For information on eligibility or to register your chemicals, contact ChemClear on 1800 008 182 or