Waste Services


Scenic Rim Regional Council provides many waste services for households. These services include:

  • Recycling collection
  • Garbage collection
  • Waste disposal sites/facilities
  • Information on minimising waste and recycling

Garbage Collection

Scenic Rim Regional Council provides residents (within collection areas) with a 240 litre waste bin (serviced weekly) and a separate 240 litre bin with a yellow lid for recycling (serviced fortnightly). The recycling materials are then transported to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) for sorting. The recycled materials are sent to various enterprises and are manufactured into new products.

Other collection services:
Council provides a limited variety of other waste recycling services such as:

  • Commercial waste services
  • Commerical recycling services (from 1 July, 2010)
  • Street and park bin services
  • Collection of dead animals

Please place in your recycle bin: 

  • glass bottles and jars
  • steel cans, including aerosol cans
  • plastic bottles and containers
  • newspaper, cardboard, magazines and advertising brochures
  • aluminium cans
  • juice and milk cartons
  • lids from bottles and jars

Do no place in your recycle bin:

  • food scraps
  • garden waste
  • china/ceramics/mirrors
  • plate glass/heat resistant glass
  • plastic bags
  • clothing
  • household waste
  • rocks/dirt/stones
  • building materials
  • oil, acid or other chemicals

N.B. Do not place your recyclables in plastic bags. Recyclable materials should be placed loosely in your recycle bin.

Disposal and Facilities

Fees are charged for the use of council's waste disposal facilities. Residents of the Scenic Rim region can dispose of up to 1m³ of general waste and up to 1m³ of green waste, free of charge.

Council operates a number of waste transfer stations throughout the region.

Recycling at oursert waste disposal sites

Recyclable items can be placed in designated areas of our landfill and transfer stations, mostly free of charge. Check out what can be recycled at our waste transfer stations.

Waste transport services

Council has a list of approved operators who pump out septic tanks, sullage tanks, holding tanks, grease traps and chemical toilets. Separate companies also take away pathological waste, and some provide skip bins.

esbrtChemical clean-up

Council is once again supporting the annual ChemClear chemical collection for 2013. Agricultural and Veterinary users who have unwanted chemicals need to register their details by 19 April 2013 either by phone 1800 008 182 or online at www.chemclear.com.au.

Only registered chemicals will be collected. The date and location of the chemical collection will be announced after 19 April. Chemicals need to remain in the owner's care until this time.

For any further information, please contact Council's Waste Management team on 5540 5433.


Council accepts asbestos only at its central landfill. It is accepted by prior arrangement/approval. all asbestos must be wetted down and securely bagged in thick plastic bags.