Scenic Rim Regional Council provides a range of waste services for local households and businessess throughout the region. These include:

  • Garbage and recycling collection within serviced areas
  • Waste disposal sites and facilities
  • Information on minimising waste and recycling

Proposed local law No.5 Waste Management

What are Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws

Local Laws are laws made by Councils to regulate certain activities under delegated powers to Local Government by State or Federal Government legislation.

Subordinate Local Laws provide further details regarding the regulation of activities and compliment the overarching local law.

Local Law Making Process

Under the Local Government Act 2009, Council has adopted its own local law making process.

As part of the local law making process for Scenic Rim residents, are invited to provide feedback on proposed local and subordinate local laws, which have endorsed by Council for community consultation.

Proposed Local Law No. 5 Waste Management

The purpose of this local law is to protect the public health, safety and amenity related to waste management by—

(a) regulating the storage, servicing and removal of waste; and
(b) regulating the disposal of waste at waste facilities; and
(c) ensuring that an act or omission does not result in—
(i) harm to human health or safety or personal injury; or
(ii) property damage or loss of amenity; or
(iii) environmental harm or environmental nuisance.

Potential Anti-Competitive Provisions

All levels of Australian government committed to the National Competition Policy in April 1995, to progress economic efficiency and improve the competitiveness of the Australian economy.

A key component of the National Competition Policy was a commitment that laws should not be made that restrict competition unless it could be demonstrated that the benefit of the restriction to the community outweighed the cost and that the objectives of the law could only be achieved by restricting completion.

To give effect to this principle, the Local Government Act 2009 requires that local governments review anti-competition provisions in any proposed local law before they are adopted.  Reviews are conducted in accordance with the National Competition Policy: Guidelines for conducting reviews on anti-competitive provisions in local law (Guideline).

It has been identified that there may be some anti-competitive provisions in the local law proposed for adoption by Council. 

A copy of the Public Interest Test Plan regarding possible anti-competitive provisions can be found on Council's webpage.

In accordance with the local law making process, the public interest test is being run concurrently with the community consultation on the proposed local law.

Community Consultation Period

The community consultation for the proposed local law and the Public Interest Test is being undertaken between 7 February 2018 and 2 March 2018.

How to Make a Submission

There are three ways a submission can be made to Council regarding, the proposed local law and/or the public interest plan.

  1. Providing a written submission to Council at one of Council's customer service centres.
  2. Writing to Council at:

Local Law Submission
Scenic Rim Regional Council
PO Box 25
Beaudesert QLD 4252

  1. Writing to Council by email at

In accordance with the adopted local law making process, Council is only able to accept written submissions regarding the proposed law. 

Submissions must state the grounds of the submission (whether you agree or disagree with the law or section/sections of the law) and any facts and circumstances relied on to support the grounds of the submission (your reasons).

Further Questions

Please contact Council if you have any further questions regarding the proposed law or process on 5540 5111 and ask for Council's Governance and Corporate Policy Team.

Public Interest Test Plan

Local Law No.5 (Waste Management) 2018

Garbage collection

Council provides residents within household collection areas with a 240-litre waste bin (serviced weekly) and a separate 240-litre bin with a yellow lid for recycling (serviced fortnightly).

The recyclable materials are transported to a Materials Recovery Facility for sorting. The recycled materials are sent to various enterprises and are manufactured into new products.

Other collection services

Council provides a limited variety of other waste recycling services such as:

  • Commercial waste services in wheeled and bulk bins
  • Commerical recycling services in wheeled bins 
  • Street and park bin services

Waste disposal facilities

Council operates a network of seven Waste Transfer Stations throughout the region. Residents of the Scenic Rim region can dispose of up to one cubic metre (1m³) of general waste and up to three cubic metres (3m³) of green waste, free of charge. Fees are charged for commercial usage of council's waste disposal facilities. Recyclable items can be placed in designated areas at transfer stations, mostly free of charge. Check out what can be recycled at the Waste Transfer Stations page.



ChemClear Agvet Chemical Collection Program

Council supports the annual ChemClear program for the collection of surplus agricultural and veterinary chemicals. Participation in the program requires registration and only registered chemicals are collected. For information on eligibility or to register your chemicals, contact ChemClear on 1800 008 182 or