Applying for as constructed information request and building/plumbing search request

As constructed drainage plans and site and house plans

Drainage plans (dwelling houses) and as-constructed hydraulic plans (commercial or multi-dwellings) show the in-ground private sanitary drainage within a property that connects plumbing fixtures within the building to a sewer connection or on-site sewerage facility. Drainage plans do not show water supply or stormwater drainage.

Sewer connects - to check if your property has a sewer connection contact Queensland Urban Utilities on 13 26 57.

Please check with Council before applying as plans may not be available for older homes:


Building and plumbing inspection records search

You can check if a property that you own or want to buy has all necessary building approvals by requesting a building search. Council building searches also includes any outstanding Register of Notices.

Council's building searches do not include any building plans or documentation other than the certificate issued.