In a break with tradition, Scenic Rim Regional Council has adopted its fees and charges schedule ahead of the delivery of its 2019-20 Budget.

Mayor Greg Christensen said that, with the introduction of the State Government's Waste Levy from 1 July 2019, Council wanted to ensure businesses had as much visibility as possible of charges likely to impact their operations so that they could plan ahead.

"From 1 July, the State Government will be imposing a levy of $75 per tonne on commercial operators disposing of waste to landfill," he said.

"This is part of a new strategy across Queensland to increase recycling and the recovery of resources, wherever possible, to reduce the volume of waste going into landfill.

"This levy will not affect residents who put out their domestic kerbside wheelie bins for collection, but it will have an impact on a range of businesses as it applies to solid waste, commercial and industrial waste and construction and demolition waste.

"We appreciate the costs faced by businesses and will be communicating directly with them regarding the new waste levy being imposed by the State Government.

"If anyone has any enquiries they should contact Council's Waste Management team on 5540 5111."

Council's own fees and charges, which apply to a range of services and facilities used by individuals and businesses, are levied to reduce the overall financial burden on ratepayers.

These are outlined in Council's 2019-20 Register of Fees and Charges which will take effect from 1 July 2019.

One further major change which will be welcomed is the significant reduction in Council's application fees for inconsistent use developments.