In a minute tabled by the Mayor at this week's Ordinary Meeting, Councillors agreed to discuss proceeding with a Climate Change Statement of Intent at Council's first meeting in January 2020.

Mayor Greg Christensen said that while Council has been undertaking a wide range of activities that are already addressing climate related impacts, it was time for Scenic Rim Regional Council to strengthen the guidance given to both Council Officers and to its communities, which will inform further responses to climate change.

"Given our shared responsibility to a community that holds wide and diverse perspectives, it will be imperative that this guidance is based on science and provides a platform for unifying the efforts across our region to secure a sustainable future," said Cr Christensen.

Once developed, Cr Christensen said a Climate Change Statement of Intent would need to be read in conjunction with the Scenic Rim Community Plan 2011-2026 (revised 2018).

"Our Community Plan aims to ensure the long term economic, social and environmental sustainability of the region.

"In the 2018 review of this plan, Scenic Rim community and Council jointly confirmed that climate change and adaptation present a challenge, require an outcome and are priorities for attention to secure the best future for our region."

Councillors also unanimously supported a motion from Councillor O'Carroll, which acknowledged that climate change is a risk requiring Council's prompt and ongoing focus and management as the goals and aspirations outlined in the Community Plan are fulfilled.

Cr Christensen said while the future presents many challenges, Council is well placed to work together with local communities, businesses, industries and other levels of government in mitigating and adapting to climate change.

"It is our intent to rise to this challenge, ensuring our Council plays a pivotal role in support of our unique and diverse region," he said.

It is expected following the 2020 local government elections, the newly elected Council will progress with public consultation to inform a final version of the statement.