Flood mitigation is key to Scenic Rim connectivity

Floodwater at Teviot Brook, Coulson, Scenic Rim.

Flood mitigation works on two vital connecting roads in the Scenic Rim are among key issues Council is raising with local candidates and political parties in the lead-up to the State General Election.

Scenic Rim Mayor Greg Christensen said Council was advocating for a $15 million upgrade to the Coulson crossing of Teviot Brook and a $3 million upgrade to the Rogers Flat Section on Beaudesert-Nerang Road.

"The Coulson crossing of Teviot Brook between Beaudesert and Boonah floods regularly during wet weather and heavy rain, cutting off this key corridor in the region," he said.

"The crossing is a strategic east-west connector between the Cunningham and Mount Lindesay Highways for industry logistics, the region's growing visitor economy, and is a significant connection for Beaudesert and Boonah's local economies for retail service and employment related travel.

"The Bromelton State Development Area and major logistics hub adjacent to Beaudesert is essential for economic growth and certainty for investment, so ensuring reliability through this corridor (across the significantly changeable seasonal cycles evidenced over recent years) is critical.

"Beaudesert-Nerang Road plays a vital east-west connection across the Scenic Rim, however experiences regular flooding, during even relatively small rainfall events, which has major implications for Scenic Rim communities and commuters, and significant economic impacts for commercial sectors."

Peter van Velzen, Director of family company Australian Sweetwater Crays on Beaudesert-Nerang Road said flooding caused major economic impacts for small businesses like his.

“The flooding along the Beaudesert-Nerang Road stops access to our property and is a major impediment to transport between Beenleigh and Beaudesert," he said.

"Our family owned business, Australian Sweetwater Crays Pty Ltd, operates a fledgling Redclaw crayfish farm that will supply live Redclaw to the local Australian market.

"Transport of live crayfish needs to be delivered in a timely manner or the product is spoiled. As a small business, the risks are very high during these troubled times. The reduction of the transportation risk component of our business by improving access through the floodway is very important."

The 10 Point Plan is available on Council's website www.scenicrim.qld.gov.au/our-council/administration/advocacy