Roadmap provides direction for climate change action

Image of Climate Change Roadmap and Action Plan

A 10-year roadmap and a three-year action plan have been adopted by Scenic Rim Regional Council to meet its challenges of climate change at the local level. 

In line with the Climate Change Statement of Intent adopted by Council in November 2022, the Scenic Rim Climate Change Roadmap 2024-2034 and the Scenic Rim Climate Change Action Plan 2024-2026 endorsed at today's Ordinary Meeting aim to ensure Council's long-term economic, social and environmental sustainability. 

Mayor Greg Christensen said Council recognised the future impacts of climate change and was also committed to assisting the community to respond to these challenges in the Scenic Rim.  

"Community consultation has been valuable in shaping the roadmap and action plan which have been developed through a review of Queensland Government and local government response plans," he said. 

"There is widespread support in the community for Council to act to mitigate the impacts of climate change, and the roadmap and action plan will help also Council to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions as an important step towards this." 

Seventy per cent of respondents to the five-week survey, which concluded in October 2023, believed Council should take an active role in climate response. 

Overall, feedback from respondents focused on key environmental issues such as waste reduction and recycling efforts, catchment water resources, habitat restoration and conservation of remnant vegetation. 

Rising temperatures were another concern, with some respondents suggesting changes to building regulations not only to reduce energy demand to minimise greenhouse gas emissions but also the potential for 'heat islands' in urban areas which may experience higher temperatures than outlying areas. 

Scenic Rim's Biodiversity and Agribusiness Portfolio Councillor Duncan McInnes said the results of the survey showed the roadmap aligned with community priorities for managing the impacts of climate change. 

“Council recognises the community's concern over climate change and its direct and indirect impacts for our region," he said. 

"The Scenic Rim has experienced a series of severe weather events, as well as drought and bushfire in recent years, and Council is committed to continuing to work with the community, industry and other levels of government to meet the challenge of climate change. 

"As well as reducing the impacts of climate change, energy efficiency, renewable energy and waste-to-energy initiatives represent valuable opportunities for cost savings for Council and our community as well as potential employment pathways.  

"Urban greening, ecological restoration, and carbon farming projects will also help to improve the wellbeing of our residents, the resilience of our natural environment, and the visual amenity of our region." 

You can view the draft plan here and learn more here.