Council's management team

Reporting to the Executive Leadership Team, Council’s managers play key roles in ensuring the delivery of agreed outcomes in line with the Corporate Plan and Operational Plan, as well as identifying opportunities and implementing strategies for organisational improvement. The team meets regularly for professional development and discussion of emerging issues. The areas of responsibility shared by Council’s managers are detailed below.

Customer and Regional Prosperity


Jo Jones, Acting Manager Community and Culture

  • Community Development
  • Internal and External Grants
  • Cultural Services
  • Community Recovery
  • Customer Contact
  • Library Services
  • Disaster Management

Mark Lohmann


Mark Lohmann, Manager Regional Development, Health and Biodiversity

  • Strategic Planning
  • Development Assessment
  • Development Engineering
  • Building Services
  • Plumbing Services
  • Biodiversity and Climate Change
  • Health Services
  • Compliance Services
Brenda Walker  

Brenda Walker, Manager Regional Prosperity and Communications

  • Communications and Marketing
  • Regional Events
  • Regional Prosperity
  • Regional Skills
  • Economic Recovery

Asset and Environmental Sustainability

Scott Osman  

Scott Osman, Manager Maintenance and Operations

  • Road Maintenance
  • Road Corridor Management
  • Parks and Landscape Maintenance
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Waste Operations (Landfill and Transfer Stations)
  • Workshops (Beaudesert and Boonah)

Renee Wallace, Acting Manager Capital Works and Asset Management

  • Project Delivery
  • Capitals Works
  • Structures and Drainage
  • Asset Management
  • Design and Survey

Vacant, Manager Resources and Sustainability

  • Fleet Management
  • Resources and Sustainability
  • External Contract Management
  • Waste Services
  • Property Management

Council Sustainability

David Adamson  

David Adamson, Manager Information Services and Technology

  • ICT Operations
  • ICT Projects
  • Records

People and Strategy


Jon Rutledge, Manager Human Resources

  • Employee/industrial relations
  • Organisational development
  • Recruitment and selection