Commercial filming

Commercial filming

Commercial filming on public/council land requires a local law permit for the Commercial Use of Local Government Areas or Roads. The application form can be found here along with the checklist. Please read through the application prior to submitting, as your application may require supporting documentation such as traffic control permits, public liability insurance policy, etc. which may delay the processing of your application.

For filming on private property: You will need to obtain permission and agreement from the property owner prior to contacting Council.

For filming on State Government controlled land or assets: You will need permission from the relevant State Government Department prior to contacting Council.

  • If you are filming in National Parks, recreation areas and State Forests you will need to meet the requirements as outlined here.
  • If you are filming on a State controlled road, you are required to complete a road corridor permit. Further details can be found here.
  • If you are filming on one of the many dams or lakes in the region, please refer to Seqwater's requirements here.

For filming on Council Controlled land or assets: A permit may be required to use a Council asset or facility. You will be required to complete an Application for Park Use Form. A Road Corridor Use permit is required for the temporary closure of traffic lanes, shoulders, medians, verges or footpaths on Council controlled roads. For further information and to view the application form, please click here.

If you're unsure who controls land or assets in the region, please get in touch with us and we will help.