Scenic Rim Planning Scheme

The Scenic Rim Planning Scheme 2020 and accompanying Planning Scheme Policies commenced on 20 March 2020. The current version of the planning scheme is dated 30 June 2023. The planning scheme and mapping are available via the ePlan link below or can be inspected or purchased at Scenic Rim Regional Council's Customer Service Centres. Code templates (for development applications) can also be downloaded from the ePlan.

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Important Information

This version of the planning scheme may not include amendments made to the regulated requirements in the Planning Regulation 2017 (Planning Regulation).

Adopted Amendments

The current version of the Scenic Rim Planning Scheme commenced on 30 June 2023 and incorporates the following amendments:

Amendment Title Purpose Commencement
Amendment No. 1 Minor Amendment to incorporate the flood hazard mapping from the Refined Flood Study for the Canungra Township. 16 April 2021
Amendment No. 2 Administrative Amendment to correct administrative errors and formatting. 16 April 2021
Amendment No. 4 Minor Amendment to incorporate the flood hazard mapping from the Veresdale Flood Study and updated Canungra Township – Detailed Flood Study 17 June 2022
Amendment No. 5 Administrative Amendment to update the Zoning Maps and Zone Map index with the January 2023 Digital Cadastral Database and amend the display of land in a Precinct. 24 February 2023
Amendment No. 3

Major Amendment No 3 to update a range of policy matters that have been identified through the implementation of the Planning Scheme or matters that were outstanding from the public consultation of the draft Planning Scheme.

30 June 2023
Amendment No. 7

The purpose of Administrative Amendment No. 7 is to correct or change:

a) an explanatory matter about the planning scheme;
b) the format or presentation of the planning scheme;
c) a spelling or grammatical error in the planning scheme that does not materially affect the remainder of the planning scheme;
d) a factual matter incorrectly stated in the planning scheme;
e) a redundant or out-dated term in the planning scheme; or
f) inconsistent numbering of provisions in the planning scheme; or
g) cross-references in the planning scheme; or
h) update the Planning Scheme to reflect amendments to the regulated requirements under the Planning Act 2016.

30 June 2023

Draft Amendments

The below amendment packages are currently under preparation in accordance with the Planning Act 2016. 

Amendment Title Purpose Status
Amendment No. 6 Major Amendment to update policy for Matters of Environmental Significance and Water Resource Catchment Areas. Commenced 6 December 2022. Early confirmation of state interests and scope currently being determined.
Amendment No. 8  Major Amendment to update a variety of policy matters in the Planning Scheme and incorporate the first phase of amendments to implement the Scenic Rim Growth Management Strategy (GMS). See Ordinary Agenda for 22 August 2023 (item 11.2) for more detail.  Commenced 22 August 2023 
Amendment No. 9  Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) Amendment  Commenced 5 September 2023 

Superseded and Historic Planning Schemes

For superseded and historic versions of planning schemes applicable to the Scenic Rim region:

Go to Superseded and Historic Planning Schemes

Access the eplan for superseded and historic planning schemes made after 24 February 2023. Click 'View Planning Scheme' button on the home page, then click on the 'change' button (top left panel) to view previous versions.

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